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Benefits of Eye Exams


When Should My Child Have Their Vision Checked?

  • Babies typically have their first eye exam around six months
  • Age three is generally a good time to check back in
  • Prior to starting first grade is advised
  • Annual kid’s eye exams are recommended once your child enters school

How Quickly Can A Child’s Vision Change?

Vision can change quickly as your child develops, which means you should prioritize your children’s eye care. Factors that may change your child’s vision include improper blood sugar levels, injury to the eyes, normal physical growth or illness. The most common eyesight problems for children are nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness and astigmatism.

Can Children’s Eyesight Get Better?

Issues like farsightedness can often improve as your child grows and learns to adjust. In other cases, a vision therapist may discuss a variety of treatment options to help improve your child’s eyesight, such as glasses, therapy or medication. Everyday eye care can also help improve vision or prevent it from worsening.

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